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Benefits of Security Systems and How to Choose the Right Company

The main reason why people get home security systems is to protect their possessions and family from intruders. There are a lot of features of a security system most of which you stand to benefit from. These are some benefits of having a home security system.

Besides protecting your home from being broken into, it has been noted that displaying sings that you have a security system is going to reduce chances of your house getting targeted by thieves. Before you go out there and get signs to display on your property, you need to take into account that most home invasions are done by people you know. Although having a sign is deterrent, an actual system as a backup is a good idea.

The best home security systems have a smoke alarm that is attached to the system. When it is tipped, the security monitoring system is going to dispatch fire crews to your house even when you are not there. This is better than a detector that will only alert you when you are in the house, but when you are not nearby, it is going to be of very little use. Take into account the amount of damage that will be done to your house in the amount of time that it takes for your neighbors to notice smoke from your home.

You are also going to get lower home insurance rates. Since your home and all your possessions are at a less risk when you have a security system in place, it is less likely that you will need to file for insurance claim. With this in mind, insurance companies reward homeowners with a security system installed by providing them with low rates. In most cases, the difference in rates is enough to offset most or even all the monthly monitoring costs which are associated with the security system.

These are tips on choosing the right home security company. Seek advice from family and friends. The best way to get a company that is trustworthy is via personal referral. Use family members, trusted neighbors and friends who already have an alarm system in place. Find out their experience with their security companies and why they chose them.

Evaluate their work history

The best way to determine how credible a company is, is through consumer claims and their work history. This information is available from different sources such as the crime prevention department at the offices of your local law enforcement, licensing agencies in your state, the Better Business Bureau and consumer protection agencies.

Proof of licensing

There are some states which call for security personnelís that install alarm systems to be licensed. These professionals are certified and trained which is going to reduce the risk of getting non working alarms because of faulty installation. If applicable, you should ask the potential company if licensing is needed in your state and if it is, be sure to get proof of it to ensure that it is up to date.

3 Anti-Burglary Tips to Make Your Home Safe

Burglary is one of the most common crimes that occurs among residents in apartments, condos and detached houses. When burglars break into your home, they not only leave you scared but they take away your valuables such as jewelry and money among others. Whether you and your family are present during the burglary or not, it will still leave you traumatized. The best thing about it is that it can be prevented easily with the few tips below.

Never advertise your departure

Every morning when you leave for work, it is vital not to advertise your departure. Also when you decide to go for a vacation in another state or another country, it is important not to display your departure. The reason for this is that you never know who is watching and maybe the one who is watching already has a plan of robbing you. All they need is to see you go away for several hours or days.

The first tip that will prevent burglars from stealing from you when you are away, is to install automatic light timers in your home. The timers can be programmed to turn on the lights, the TV or the radio when dusk approaches. You can even synchronize them to turn on the lights at the same time you always turn them on when at home. This will help to create the impression that you are still around even though you have gone for a vacation.

Automatic timed drapes and curtains can be programmed to be in sync with the times you usually open and close them. This will help to create an impression that you are still around. Burglars keeping an eye on your home will find out that everything that goes on when you are around is still present. This will help to deter the burglars from stealing your valuables.

Prevent easy access to your home

Burglars love homes that provide them with easy access inside without struggling too much. If your home has loop holes especially in terms of providing easy access to intruders, you need to reinforce in order to make it hard for them.

The first thing you need to do is never to leave your windows and doors unlocked.

Reinforce your windows and doors by having better locks that will prevent easy access into your home when you are away. Home owners have a habit of leaving the key under the mat on the front porch or on the front door window frame. As a common practice, thieves know about the tactic therefore it is important to not leave your home keys below the mat.

Apart from installing new secure locks, you can have solid core or metal doors with quality deadbolt locks to be installed. You can request you local locksmith to install longer deadbolts which will make your home secure and prevent burglars in the process. For the windows, you can have stops that prevent them from being opened more than 6 inches and once you do so, you need to show your family how to remove them. The important thing to remember is to instruct them not to share with others.

Install a home alarm system

Home security alarm systems not only guarantee security for your family and your home, but they make it hard for burglars to break into your home. Burglars survey homes before stealing anything therefore when surveying and they find out your home has a home security alarm system, they will avoid it.

Have the security experts install the system, put up yard signs and decals saying your home is protected by an alarm system. Ensure the alarm system you have installed, utilizes motion detectors and they can be placed on doors, windows and around the home.

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